Recipes for the whole family: potatoes wrapped in ham, mascarpone cake and more delicious things

One more week, we bring you a new entry for our section of Recipes for the whole family with ideas for children to get away from the typical children's menu, so helpful but so repetitive and try all things a little more elaborate and innovative.

They are recipes made by our companions of Direct to the Palate and Vitónica and today we will have magnificent recipes of dish and some desserts already thinking about Christmas.

Dish recipes

  • Roasted suckling pig with spicy tangerine sauce, a dish aimed at being offered at Christmas, in those days when the family comes together to enjoy wonders like this.
  • Potato wedges wrapped in ham, a quick recipe that children will surely love and that will make them receive hydrates and protein at the same time, with an idea that will make them suck their fingers.
  • Pea cream recipe with cod branded quenelle, an easy and different way to offer them legumes, vegetables and fish.
  • Macaroni with cod, olives and raisins, a recipe that offers them their precious macaroni but fleeing fried tomato and grated cheese as usual. Because there is life beyond those two ingredients.
  • Sautéed boletus and prawns in a fragrant stew, a recipe that I do not think pleases children who before trying things "eat" with their eyes, but one that surely many will love (and parents too).
  • Light autumn salad, great for those families that are clear that a dinner should be light and do not know very well what salad to prepare.
  • Stuffed scallops, another very typical Christmas recipe that for its originality sure surprises more than one (and children, who will see that they eat from a shell).

Desserts recipes

  • How to make cereals with chocolate for breakfast, because not all cereals that our children take have to come in a box with drawings and loaded with sugar.
  • How to make roasted chestnuts, very traditional of these dates, and in some places, Christmas, we explain how to roast the chestnuts as it has been done throughout life.
  • Mascarpone cake, a recipe of those that succeed almost certainly. Ideal as a dessert at any minimally special desktop.
  • How to make cheesecake or Japanese cheesecake, in another ideal solution for everyone. Who doesn't like a cheesecake? Someone will be, but I don't know anyone.

And that's all for today. I invite you to follow this section every week to have new ideas to enjoy the cooking and family meal and I just hope you don't notice much that the selection of the recipes I have made on an empty stomach (how hungry they have given me all!).