Father's Day: eleven gift ideas for cool parents

On March 19, Father's Day is celebrated in Spain and you are already looking for the perfect gift to reward that accomplice in this adventure of being parents. Although your child probably already has prepared such a special gift and you cannot compete with it, we offer you a list of 11 gifts for modern parents that may help you surprise him a little.

A practical apron towel for baby's bath

At the time of bathing the baby, it is most likely that we end up soaked and that two hands do not reach us to take the towel and take the baby out of the bathtub. That is why this apron towel for the baby's bath has seemed so practical. It is placed as if it were a kitchen apron to protect our clothes from splashes while we bathe the baby.

The sandwich of discord

The snack time becomes something like a struggle between parents and children to see 'who is right': parents insisting that children finish the snack ... children who do not fit even one more bite, or They don't feel like it, you know! I say 'go to know', because if we don't ask the little one what he likes in the bread; Or better yet, if we are not interested in what you would like to snack, we miss a very useful information about the needs of our children.

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The most common allergies in children

They are an immune response to certain elements or foods that are harmful to the body and are increasingly common in children. They are usually more prone to allergies than older people, since their immune system is not yet fully developed. The most common that affect children are: Environmental: asthma, rhinitis and atopic dermatitis caused by pollen, dust, mites, fungi, chemicals, urine, smoke, pets.

Vaccination to prevent childhood gastroenteritis

Pediatricians who participated in the XII Annual Meeting of the Association of Outpatient Pediatrics of the Region of Murcia, recommended as an ideal option, vaccination against childhood rotavirus gastroenteritis before the baby reaches six months. There is a minimal incidence of mortality with respect to this disease in developed countries, but there are risks of infection and morbidity.

III Intergovernmental Conference on children's rights in Europe and Central Asia

Every day new really worrisome facts about childhood in the world are known, through the network, television or newspapers we know how child labor increases, violence against children, children who participate in wars, children who exercise prostitution, etc. In addition the problem of hunger and health, lack of schooling, and we could continue.

Whole milk is not good for babies under one year old

Cow's milk has four times more calcium and three times more protein than human milk, but as experts say it is the right food for a calf but not for a baby of just months. In fact, pediatricians recommend introducing whole milk from the first year. Before that age, the baby's digestive system is not yet prepared to tolerate it, causing damage to their health.

Obese parents, almost obese children

One of the most important scientific meetings in Spain will be held around one of the most current problems of our day, obesity. A good number of experts from different countries meet to address this disease, its origins, consequences, new research or more effective methods to combat it.

The biggest family in the world

If we thought that with a large family of three, four or five children, it was difficult to organize, I do not want to imagine what it has to be to prepare a meal or do laundry in this large family. The largest family in the world is in India and has 167 members. This family could not help but appear in the Guinness Book of Records, along with the unusual case of the woman with the most children in history (69 children!

Five tips to get the most out of reading stories to your children

Reading stories to your children is one of the best ways to instill a fondness for reading. However, in our recent study more than a quarter of the elementary school children we interviewed said they never read them at home. Children normally like to be read and get educational, social and emotional benefits from this activity.

Babies react to the mother's voice after 16 weeks

Babies begin to perceive sounds from the womb, but when they begin to do so and how they process the information that comes through them, it is the object of study for scientists. A study by the Institut Marquès de Barcelona has shown that with a height of just 11 cm, babies react to the mother's voice after 16 weeks of gestation when the sound reaches them through an intravaginal device.

What do childbirth preparation classes contribute?

Especially in the first pregnancy, but also in successive ones, one of the activities that should be marked on the pregnancy agenda are the childbirth preparation classes, which will help us to face that crucial moment more relaxed and safe. In the preparation classes they will not only introduce us to key concepts of pregnancy, childbirth and baby care, but also serve us as a practice and also have an emotional function.

English twins with different skin color that star in the cover of National Geographic

Marcia and Millie are twins, although when they say it, people are surprised because they are so different. So different that one has white skin and the other black. One is blonde and the other brunette. One has light eyes and the other dark. The two sisters have starred in the latest issue of National Geographic magazine, entitled "The racial challenge" for the unusualness of their case.