Prevent accidents in the kitchen

The kitchen is a place in the home where we spend a lot of time (sometimes more than we would like) and also with the children. Therefore it is important to prevent accidents in the kitchen and that this is a safe place. We must pay special attention to the kitchen, because in it we find all kinds of objects that can cause damage, such as knives, forks, crystals, can openers, chemicals, gas and fire.

Mandatory parental leave would help family reconciliation

Many times, when it comes to conciliation, it seems that women are the only ones involved in the matter. I don't know how such a welcome would have a measure like this in many countries, but there are experts who say that mandatory parental leave helps family and work conciliation. This seems to be confirmed by the case of other countries that always set themselves as an example of social welfare, conciliation and maternity / paternity assistance and some experts who know very well how some measures that have contributed to these achievements work.

Apgar test: evaluation of the newborn

The first ten minutes after birth are critical in the baby's life. The Apgar test is a score that is performed at one minute, at five minutes, and sometimes, at 10 minutes after birth, which allows you to assess the general condition of the baby. The five signs that are evaluated are: Heart rate: heartbeat frequency.

The Popular Party is studying the implementation of a kind of "Taxation for Citizenship" subject in Spanish schools

This morning El Mundo (paid edition), publishes that the Popular Party is going to propose in the Congress of Deputies that children study tax knowledge from age 11 so that when they have the capacity to generate income they pay taxes so that they can avoid fraud in Spain. The proposal of the Popular Parliamentary Group was registered last Thursday, January 24, 2013 in the Congress of Deputies as a proposal not of Law.

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What Dr. Estivill should explain (if I were sincere)

A few days ago we explained what the children's dream is like and when, more or less, they start sleeping at night. The information you could read almost clashes with the theories of Dr. Estivill, so I wanted to emulate a writing that I think Dr. Estivill should do, to tell the truth to all mothers and fathers: My book, “Fall asleep child “It has been translated into several languages ​​and more than 20 million copies have been sold worldwide.

Wait 120 days to announce pregnancy?

In the book 'Meditation for pregnancy', its author Akasha Kaur, a prenatal yoga teacher, advises couples not to report the pregnancy until after the first four months. How about the idea of ​​waiting 120 days to announce pregnancy? Appeals to caution and patience to live the first stage of pregnancy in the intimacy of the couple, without emotional pressures from the rest of the family and friends.

Posh breastfeeding discs, stamped and washable

I recognize that this product has surprised me, because I had no idea that there were soaps that were not to be used and thrown away or even white and smooth. Well, in my mom's shop, she pampered myself, I found some printed and washable breastfeeding discs that in little resemble the typical cellulose discs.

How much physical activity do you need during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of the most special moments in a woman's life: we see how little by little the body changes as our child grows inside us and creates a bond that will last forever with him or her. Whether or not our first pregnancy, there are always doubts, questions and questions about how we are going to take it or what awaits us during those nine months of gestation.

How to prevent the appearance of cracks in the nipple

One of the first barriers that many mothers encounter, and therefore, also the children, are the cracks that appear in the nipple of some mothers who breastfeed their babies. Normally the first days appear when the technique is not completely adequate (the position of the baby is not correct), if the mother uses soaps, laundry detergent or other aggressive chemical compounds or if alcohol-based cosmetics with glycerin are used or because of a combination of several of these factors, the baby's position being the most common cause.

Animals are not toys

Many children want pets as a Christmas gift. But they are not always aware of the responsibility that having a pet entails, and unfortunately every year the sad figures of animals abandoned by families that a few months earlier decided to give that pet away without stopping to think if it was a whim.

Multimedia game "Day by day": check your healthy habits

Today we propose a simple multimedia game to learn about healthy habits, which simulates any day in the life of a child. We will accompany Rodrigo on a day in his daily life, from the time the alarm sounds until he goes to bed, with special emphasis on the different meals of the day.

Fights heartburn in pregnancy

The large production of progesterone and estrogens (yes, hormones again) is to blame for the unpleasant heartburn during the second half of the arm. It happens that, the hormones relax the muscles of the digestive system, including the muscular ring that is between the esophagus and the stomach, allowing the stomach acids and part of the digested food to reflux into the esophagus producing burning or burning sensation.

What are probiotics and what are prebiotics

For some time now, and especially thanks to the so-called functional foods, such as Actimel and company, the words probiotic and prebiotic have reached our vocabulary to stay. There are many doctors who recommend them when children do not seem to lift their heads and there are many mothers who give them to children now when the cold comes, to try to prevent them from getting sick.

A black baby stars in the controversial announcement of chocolate cupcakes

Lately, the announcement of the Conguitos is seen as politically incorrect, those indigenous blacks who dance asking to be eaten because they are "required." Well, this announcement of chocolates in which a black baby appears has not been very funny either. The funny baby who appears in the advertising campaign is the son of two employees of one of the bakeries of the Raddatz franchise in Namibia.