Do not forget: play with your child at least half an hour a day

Although many other factors obviously influence child rearing, establishing a close relationship with the child through play is an important ingredient.

At least half an hour of play every day It is the formula to build a close and strong relationship with the child. This is stated by psychologist Lawrence J. Cohen, author of the best-selling 'Playful parenting' who considers the game to be a bridge of mutual understanding.

For us adults, the game is the break from work, while for children the game is "their job." Through the game they learn, explore the world, express their emotions, socialize and learn to handle difficult situations.

Playing with them, we accompany them in this process of discovering the world and themselves. It is also an excellent way to approach children, to understand them, to catch up to learn to understand them better. In short, the game is the best way to connect with them as well as providing and receiving their love.

Several studies have shown that families that have made the game a base of union with children in childhood have had fewer problems in adolescence.

Therefore, the next time you return from work and are too tired to play at least half an hour with your child, think about how enormously beneficial it is for both of you.

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