Disney Channel study on television consumption habits

From July 1, he began broadcasting on the TDT Disney Channel, dedicated 24 hours a day to children's content. The parents, in a certain way grateful, because to tell the truth the programming for children in open television is quite scarce.

The figures show that it has been very well accepted by Spanish children between 4 and 12 years old who consume daily series and children's films of the great Disney factory such as Hannah Montana, High School Musical and Camp Rock, aimed at my taste to children more grown-ups, although it amazes me how children cease to be interested in cartoons increasingly early preferring content for a more adolescent audience.

Returning to Disney Channel, he has drawn up a study on the television consumption habits of families.

According to the surveys, 93% of parents believe that there are too many content for adults in children's hours (I agree) and 95% of parents want to see more content suitable for their children that allows them to enjoy family television. On the other hand, 71% have said that they supervise the programs their children watch, while only 21% control the total number of hours they watch television.

The study confirms what we have commented several times, that television ends up working as a babysitter, that children stop doing many outdoor activities and interacting with their peers because they are hooked to TV and that television content during children's hours is not Nothing suitable for little ones.

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