Evolutionary furniture for the baby's room to grow with him. Cribs

Continuing with our special baby room decoration, the other day we started talking about furniture and we talked of course about the cribs, main protagonists of the bedroom, today we are going to focus specifically on convertible cribs, which although in principle they may seem a little more expensive, in the end they usually compensate for their subsequent use.

If we buy a crib that we will not be able to use on the one hand we will have spent the money for its use in a very limited time and on the other we will find the problem of what to do with it, save it in case later we will need it again, give it to a family member or friend if you want it, sell it to a second-hand furniture store ... if the cradle is convertible, we can transform it into another piece of furniture and if after some time we need it again it will recover its cradle shape.

Advantages and disadvantages of convertible cribs

First of all you have to distinguish between the cribs that grow with the baby in the strictest sense of the word, because they are becoming with changes of position and accessories in larger cribs and finally in beds, like Stokke's Sleepi cradle whose photo tops this post. And the cribs that become other different furniture if we wish so after a certain time.

Today there are options of all kinds, cribs can become almost any piece of furniture that we can imagine, the one that becomes a cradle of larger size and bed can be an interesting option, although I think I am more inclined to buy a cradle that becomes something else and buy the bed separately, there are really incredible options and if another baby is born, it will be easier to recover the crib again, than if we have converted it into his brother's bed.

It's not about looking for something very complicated, just choosing a cradle that in a simple way can be transformed into something else, it doesn't really have to be just the crib, there are baby rooms that are completely convertible, as we are seeing in these photos, for example the MiCuna Conver Magic that are cute.

Cribs and convertible rooms are somewhat more expensive than the conventional ones, although obviously the price depends on the brand, but they can also be very practical, especially in small apartments where we have little space.

What other things can my crib become?>

If we are looking for a convertible crib for our baby, we will realize that the crib today can become almost anything, there are countless options to choose from. One of the most typical is that of the desk cradleWhen the child grows up he will need a study table in his room and the crib can serve that function perfectly if it is conveniently prepared for it.

It is also very usual that the cradle serves as a seat, type sofa for example, the cradle that can be at the same time bed and also sofa, has already become a classic. Something similar also happens in the case of smaller cribs, for example some bassinets become chairs. The seat is never too much in the children's bedroom, or in any room, is a piece of furniture that always comes in handy.

Within a concept similar to that of the study table there are other more playful options, for example you can use the crib as a playground, to assemble large puzzles, for construction games, as support for a dollhouse and in general for everything that happens to us. It can help children play in a more orderly way and not on the floor, in that sense it can also be a good idea.

And there are more original options, like that of this cradle that you see in the image on these lines that becomes two rocking chairs, in this case the idea is to convert the cradle into a furniture almost on a whim, for children and adults, rocking chairs are not essential in any house but very nice and if they were alone maybe we would never buy them, but if they are included in the crib, it is something else.

Homemade options to transform and take advantage of the crib

If we have bought a normal crib and now we decide that we want to transform it, it is likely that we are still on time, everything depends on how the crib is, but especially if it is wooden, it will not be too complicated turn it into something else if we have a couple of tools and a bit of skill. We know of some real cases in which the cradle has become, for example, a desk when the child has grown, although in principle it had not been designed for it.

For make the desk you have to remove one of the sides, raise the base, usually that is simple, in fact there are many cribs that have the surface where the multiposition mattress goes so that we place it at the height that we prefer. With that in principle it is enough, then how we decorate it or accessories with accessories is already our business.

It's also simple turn the crib into a small sofa for ourselvesFor that, it is enough to remove the side and place a mat of the appropriate size and several cushions on the base, the sofa will be the perfect complement for the children's play room or for the children's bedroom.

The idea is mainly that the crib is still at home, in case another baby arrives in the family and we need it again, but that we don't have to look for a place to keep it, which in some houses could be somewhat complicated. And at the same time, if it is not used more as a cradle, that we continue to take advantage of it even with other functions, that for that we have invested the money in it.

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