The attractive apps for the Touch Press iPad

The company Touch press It has in its catalog attractive applications for the iPad. Although I have read that they are not applications specifically for children or young people, they have such spectacular content that they can be shared by the whole family.

They are very expensive applications regarding what an application usually costs in iTunes. Probably the qualitative leap of content or the effort of its development makes the price so high. For example, the Barefoot Atlas del Mundo application, which is for children and whose video content can be seen below, is priced at 3.99 euros. It is presented in Spanish by the La Galera publishing house and shows an interactive 3D globe for kids to explore the regions and countries of the world. It is a universal multilingual app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch with very well crafted drawings and high interactive possibilities.

Another very attractive application is The Elements Visual Exploration that is not yet in Spanish and that allows access to all the information in the periodic table of the elements. This application costs 5.49 euros and seems to be only available for iPhone. It also occupies 1.7 GB which ensures content to review for hours.

And the application that has been most spectacular to me and that may show where the contents for this type of devices can advance, is that of William Shakespeare's Sonnets. An application that costs 10.99 euros and that includes in its more than 1 GB in size, 154 sonnets represented by important actors such as Sir Patrick Stewart of X-Men, Fiona Shaw of Harry Potter or Stephen Fry of The Hobbit. All the performances can be seen through the video and are synchronized with the sonnet. It is in English.

There are many more applications like Skulls, a fantastic gallery of skull images of a lot of animal species, Leonardo Da Vinci Anatomy, which presents many of the drawings made by the key man of the Renaissance. The application is also available Solar system It costs 10.99 euros and offers a travel experience through the planets of our solar system.

Touch press It is a company to follow because it generates high value content, take advantage of the possibilities of the iPad and has a very personal style that makes it very attractive. Probably that quality in its final finish is one of the reasons why the price of applications increases significantly.