A cat reassures a child who was suffering from a sensory crisis, and the moment captured on video goes viral

Growing up with animals at home is beneficial for children's health, in addition to positively impact your emotional well-being. And it is not the first time that we echo pets that have helped their owners overcome their fears and insecurities, or even contributed to feeling better during an illness.

The case of little Jayden is similar, because due to the sensory processing disorder he suffers, his kitty Kitty has become a great support in times of crisis. This is what we have seen in a video shared by his mother on his social networks, which has quickly gone viral.

Jayden and Kitty, a beautiful friendship story

Jayden Denton is a child with special needs who suffers from a sensory processing disorder, a condition that affects the way in which the brain processes sensory information, causing occasional crises.

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Sensory crises make Jayden burst into temper tantrums and cries, as well as making his relationship with other people difficult. But when Kitty, a beautiful gray cat came into his life, everything began to be easier for him.

Initially, Jayden's parents expected Kitty to become a playmate for their son. And is that like any other cat, Kitty has a curious and playful side that tears the boy's smiles and makes him connect with the world around him.

But immediately they realized that Kitty was much more than just a playmate. He is a faithful friend who knows how to connect with him in the moments that need him most.

Thus, when Jayden experienced a sensory crisis, Kitty does not run away scared at the cries of the little one, but goes to his side, purrs and licks until he gets calm. His mother captured these tender moments in a video that he has decided to share on his Facebook profile, and that demonstrates the special connection between the cat and the child.

Children and animals, protagonists of emotional stories

The story of Kitty and Jayden has reminded us of another similar one that we shared a few months ago, starring a girl and her pitbull dog. On that occasion, the little girl suffered anxiety attacks as a result of an earthquake, and her dog accompanied her and cradled her until she managed to fall asleep.

We all know stories of a special connection between children and pets, where animals, thanks to their dedication and special sensitivity, are able to help children overcome difficulties, protect them during difficult times, and even ensure their health.

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And it is that these faithful four-legged friends are sometimes much more than a simple adventure companion, helping them overcome fears, foster their self-esteem and feel safe.

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