Highlights in Babies and more: from February 23 to March 1

Like every start of the week, we review the most prominent content We have posted on the blog during the last week.

Last week has been marked by news related to the delivery of the Oscars. We have learned that during the ceremony Scarlett Johansson made headlines for pumping milk backstage. When will this kind of thing stop being news?

On the other hand, the case of an autistic child whose father has a birthday party and no one goes (until Facebook saves him) has impacted us. Without a doubt, a curious story.

Also very impressive have been the photos of a baby born by caesarean section inside the amniotic bag. It occurs in very exceptional cases and we show them to you.

We have wondered if the "baby check" is reactivated in Spain? And if you tattoo your daughter's birthmarks, is it a nice gesture or something absurd? We have also reflected on whether the number of school days should be extended.

We share with you the video that causes sensation on the networks and that you can not miss: that of the Russian baby with a villain laugh. In addition, we have talked about six articles that will make your life with children easier

Something that you may not have noticed is that thinking about children's health is better to wash the dishes by hand than with the dishwasher. We also proposed a reflection exercise: If you could send a message to your "I" from the past before having a baby, what would you say?

For those who are going to be mothers soon, we talk about the dreaded time to go to the bathroom after delivery with advice to cope better.

Finally, we have shared ten lullabies to sleep your baby that will come in handy when you go to bed.

These have been the most outstanding contents of the last week. Attentive because this we bring you many more interesting things.

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