The riddle of the moment: How many months is the Sarah Stage model pregnant?

Sarah Stage is a model with Chilean and European roots, based in Los Angeles, who is being news these days for her pregnancy. On his Instagram account he hangs up photos with different poses and situations, with more clothes or with less clothes almost every day.

The fact is that a month ago, suddenly, he published a photo in which he revealed to his followers that he was pregnant. Pregnant, but not in plan "I just found out that I expect a baby", but explaining the weeks of pregnancy (a few more) and leaving everyone perplexed. That is why the riddle of the moment, seeing the photos of the model is: How many months are you pregnant?

The first photo he published was the following. Looking at his account, it is surprising because the photos of previous days showed a completely flat belly and in this, suddenly the pregnant belly is appreciated:

One sees her and says "well, she will have been posting photos she had before and now she has put a more current one", because the change is more than evident. But in the description of his Instagram photo he put:


So full of joy & have been waiting awhile to share the happy news with you… I'm # 7monthsPregnant # 29weeks

The people, their fans, of course, hallucinated, 7 month pregnant! They hallucinated, as did those who on February 15 saw the following photo in which the model announced that it was already 8 months:

Later, on February 26, he posted the following photo and people started joking with that of "8 months pregnant and is better than me" or "you're kidding me":

A few hours ago he published the last one related to his pregnancy, which is the following, and commented that is already 34 weeks, which translates into 8 and a half months. Some have commented on the possibility that the fetus was dead, perhaps, 3 months ago (you know, anything can be said on the internet).

Eight months? It's possible?

Looking at the photos, and seeing that in the previous ones there was no belly, it is possible that the model is making it up. Come on, I'm not really 8 months pregnant, but rather less (it doesn't make much sense to do something like that, but weirder things have been seen) or that yes be pregnant of what you say and the photos are old, which is another possibility.

But nevertheless, it may be all true. It would be hard for me to believe it if she were the only slim pregnant woman I've seen with a very small belly, but it isn't. My lady wife gave a tremendous scare to the gynecologist every time we went to the visit because the man, when he saw his small abdomen suspected the worst. Then he put on the ultrasound, saw the baby move, heard his heart, confirmed that the measurements were correct and then said "I can't understand how it can occupy so little in your belly."

Come on, as I said, I know you're pregnant if I look at you sideways, but if I see you from the back or from the front, depending on how, I have serious doubts. In fact, when the children were born at the beginning of the year, wearing a coat, many people had a capital surprise when they suddenly saw us with a baby.

So if possible, it is. But amazing is also, and a lot.

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