She pretended to be her nine-year-old daughter to catch the pedophile who harassed her on Facebook

Social networks and children force us to be very alert and informed as parents to be able to act in situations as complicated as this, although it is not the only one. Minimal knowledge on our part is always essential to avoid greater evils and then: be, always be there to listen to them, observe them and intervene if necessary, without spying on them or violating their privacy.

She impersonated her nine-year-old daughter to catch the pedophile who harassed her on Facebook, and she succeeded. What would you have done instead?

He pretended to be his daughter

Sabrina Baco is the mother of a nine-year-old girl. Her daughter, like the rest of her friends, has a Facebook account where she hangs jokes, photos, comments with her friends and her mother was one of those friends.

Sabrina could see what her daughter wrote and also what they wrote to her on her Facebook wall, and that is what led her to suspect. The girl had conversations with an adult called Christian Grimi, 32, who had other minors in his contacts.

To Sabrina it seemed strange so he decided to impersonate his daughter on the net To talk to this stranger That's how he discovered that he had suspicious photos of children in his Facebook account and at one point, he asked for photos without clothes thinking he was talking to the girl And not with the mother.

At this point and when Sabrina had collected more than enough evidence, he denounced the security forces that proceeded to detain him without a doubt.

In this case, the story of Sabrina's daughter ended happily thanks to her mother's audacity but there are other girls and boys who are not so lucky.

Prevention and information

Prevention and information is paramount, both for children and for us, their parents. We cannot let them move in an environment without explaining anything, we do not do it in real life, why do it in virtual life?

As adults we have more analysis tools than they do, it is not about spying on them, reading their messages or knowing their keys but it is about accompanying them, guiding them and protecting them as we do in the other areas of their lives.

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