The adorable photos in perspective that a mother makes to her daughter dressed in fruits and flowers

Artist Alya Chaglar and her three-year-old daughter, Stefani, have a great time doing adorable photos that make you feel on the internet.

Thanks to power of perspective, Mother remotely holds pieces of fruits, vegetables and flowers, causing the optical illusion that the girl is wearing unconventional dresses of watermelon, bananas, grapes or daisies.

It all started with a watermelon, following the fashion of watermelon dresses that triumphs on Instagram, in which users share photos of costumes made with this fruit with the hashtag #watermelondress.

But mother and daughter went further incorporating new foods into the repertoire and perfectly mastering the technique of perspective, so that the girl's dresses seem tailored.

Stefani has everyone in love with his smile. She is a sweet and smiling girl who enjoys posing in front of the camera. In addition to the incredible result, the best of all is that mother and daughter spend unforgettable moments of laughter and fun. We show you some examples:

Best dressed #funnystefani #redpepper

So fashion #funnystefani #eggplant

Current mood #funnystefani

Your style guide #funnystefani #melon

Banana mood #funnystefani Show us your fashion tag #funnylikestefani #funnylikestefani

My muse #funnystefani

Ah, Stefani #funnystefani

Sunflower mood #funnystefani

Best dressed #funnystefani

Banana mood #funnystefani #favourite

Think pink # funnystefani

This is how we do #goodnight #art #qualitytime #a_byurkland

Photos | Instagram @seasunstefani
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