The postpartum photo of a recent mom who reminds us how wonderful the woman's body is

The woman's body changes a lot during pregnancy. The organs move and the uterus expands to house a new life. We women are excited about these changes and we are very excited to look tummy. But when our baby is born and we finally have him in his arms, the image that the mirror of our body throws at us can be very different from what we had imagined.

The gut is still there, stretch marks are marked more than ever and the muscles seem limp and sagging. However, this is not the image that some celebrities show after giving birth and that is why Elise, an Australian mother of three children, has wanted to photograph herself after her birth to show the world that the physical reality of a recent mother is usually different.

The reality behind the miracle

Elise is a mother of three girls - the last one born in July - who knows the postpartum body well. Shortly after giving birth to his last daughter, and while taking a shower, Elise asked to be photographed to share that image on her Instagram account.

We liked the photograph equally and excitedly, and after asking for authorization for its publication, we echo it with the accompanying text. Without a doubt, an entire ode to the woman's body.

Via Instagram @raisingyoungloves

"Let's talk about postpartum bodies! I asked @belleverdiglionephotography to take this photo a few hours after giving birth to Willa, in my most vulnerable state. I was very sore and a flood of emotions flooded me. Excited to have given the welcome to our beautiful daughter and proud of what my body and I had just done!"

"It's a strange feeling to look down and see your huge gut despite holding your baby in his arms. It's not easy go home with a baby and have to keep wearing pre-mom clothes. After my first was born, everyone told me that I was young and that I would immediately lose the weight gained during pregnancy. But you know what? I never did it "

"With each baby I gained a few extra pounds and also more stretch marks. At first, I felt the need to cover myself during this first stage of postpartum. If I didn't want to see my body in this state, why would anyone want to do it? ? I needed to have three children to realize that this postpartum body is not something I should hide! "

"I am more than proud of what my body has given and sacralized. I am grateful that my body is able to bring life and give birth to my babies of natural form. I am not ashamed of my (many) new stripes and my postpartum body. And neither should you! Let's celebrate postpartum bodies in all their glory. The female body is amazing and I am very proud of what mine has done! "

There is no doubt that despite the stretch marks, sagging and huge gut that will take time to disappear, the woman's body during postpartum is wonderful, and it is appreciated that moms like Elise remind us of it with beautiful images and words loaded with feelings.