Enjoy Xataka Live Citizen as a family, a technological plan open to everyone in Madrid

If you are a family techie who likes to be aware of the latest developments in technology, you have a super interesting plan to attend together in Madrid. The following days November 23 and 24 The Xataka Live Citizen meeting is held at the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid City Hall, first event on technology dedicated to citizens, free access.

Visitors can enjoy activities such as talks, discussion tables, experiences, workshops and a permanent exhibition where the main technology brands will exhibit their latest news and innovations. The best thing for those of us who have teenage children is that day 24 will be dedicated exclusively to children, youth and education with activities specially designed for them.

During the morning, more than 500 students between 12 and 15 years old Ten Madrid schools will enjoy a tour of activities: they can learn what it is like to work in the video game industry, learn what it takes to become a YouTube or attend a virtual reality chemistry class with Flipy, among other things.

But if you are there, will be open to the public and you can enter to cacharrear and enjoy the technology.

During the afternoon, access will be open for young people and families, as well as teachers who want to participate in workshops, talks and activities designed in collaboration with the Créate Foundation and the National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE), along with other collaborating companies.

There will be proposals as interesting as specific workshops on online security and cyberbullying, which will use virtual reality to raise awareness about this current problem, as well as workshops for building computers or 3D printers, knowing in depth its operation. In addition, there will be round tables with experts where topics such as digital democracy, artificial intelligence, bitcoins, virtual reality or eSports will be discussed.

Xataka Live Citizen Agenda

November 24 (In the morning)


  • Being a Youtuber is not a Children's Game!
  • Encounters: All against Digital Bullying (Samsung)
  • Encounters: Flipy's Tesla: Let's invent the future.
  • Encounters: I want to work in the world of Videogames!
  • 12: 30-13: 30 CODE LIVE Competition: Créate Foundation - Xataka Live Citizen (5 projects)

Live Citizen Experiences

  • Workshop Incibe on Cybersecurity: fun challenges that will allow children to strengthen and know those issues that can be found in their day to day on the Internet.
  • Samsung Virtual Reality Workshop against Digital Harassment
  • HP Omen Experience Campus
  • Marathon Build your 3D printer with BQ

November 24 (In the afternoon)

Talks and round tables

  • 16: 00-16: 40 Talk: Cryptocurrencies, everything you always wanted to know and you dared not ask! With Carlos Domingo
  • 16: 40-17: 30 Round table: Robots, employment and basic income: do androids dream of making the income statement?
  • 17: 30-18: 20 Round table: What does one of letters like you do in a technology company like this?
  • 18: 20-19: 10 Round table: Employment: The most relevant professions within 5, 10 and 15 years.
  • 19: 10-20: 00 Round table: Classroom of the future: are we taking advantage of all that technology can give education?

Live Citizen Experiences

  • BQ Marathon - Build your 3D printer and get it for your university
  • Espacio Incibe Workshop: Are you sure you are protected on the network? Fun challenges that will allow children to strengthen and know those issues that can be found in their daily lives on the Internet.
  • HP Omen Experience Campus. Build your own computer.
  • Samsung RV space