A child loses his game console in a taxi, but a group of supportive taxi drivers gives him joy

About a year ago, a friend of mine forgot a camera on a train. He never lost hope that the camera would appear, but unfortunately he never did.

Something similar may have happened to many of us, but when it happens to our children, the sadness of seeing them badly intensifies. This is what happened to little Jan, who a few days ago forgot a game console in a taxi from Tarrasa (Barcelona). Luckily for him, Thanks to the generosity of a group of taxi drivers, he was able to live his Christmas miracle.

Jan is seven years old and had long saved to buy the Nintendo Switch game console. He had acquired it recently and was very excited about it.

A few days ago he took a taxi with his grandfather in Barcelona, ​​with the bad fortune that when he got out of the car forgot the backpack he was carrying and that contained his precious video game console. Grandfather and grandson ran after the taxi to retrieve it, but it was too late.

Jan was disconsolate with the loss and his mother, very sorry for seeing him badly, did his best to find the game console calling lost items or the local police. But there was no sign of her.

Therefore, according to the newspaper La Vanguardia, he decided to publish what happened on his personal Facebook profile. Then his publication was shared by dozens of friends, until he reached a taxi driver who contacted the family to assure them that he would do everything possible to find the backpack that Jan had lost.

After a few days, the taxi driver contacted the child's family again. He and a group of 40-50 colleagues had a surprise for the little one: They had organized a collection to buy a new game console.

Jan's surprise was capital, because although his console never appeared, the generosity and altruism of a group of unknown people had given him joy.

The taxi drivers recorded the moment in which they gave Jan the surprise, and the newspaper La Vanguardia has reproduced it on his YouTube channel. We echo this nice gesture thanking the solidarity of this group of people that, without a doubt, gives us back faith in the goodness of the human being.

And you, have you ever lived a story of solidarity as beautiful as this?

  • Via La Vanguardia

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