Zara campaign for babies of the spring-summer 2018 collection: level "I die of love!"

The first summer with our baby is something magical. A wonderful moment that we will always keep in our memory and in our hearts: your first baths in the pool or the sea, your first excursions and picnic outdoors, your first steps in the sand of the beach, your first sunglasses, your first vacations, their first swimsuits and summer models ...

Precisely, Summer fashion becomes irresistible in those tiny sizes, and it is very difficult to contain yourself so as not to end up buying all the models of shorts, dresses or shirts that we see. And if not, check out Zara's catalog, "My first summer": don't you think it's beautiful?

I confess one in love with children's fashion, especially in babies. When my first child was born, I found dozens and dozens of gifts of summer models. My child was born in August, and was the first grandson, nephew and son of friends, so we all went crazy outfitting his closet.

I got to get together with so much clothes that I do not exaggerate if I say that almost all garments and models I used them only once. Good luck that afterwards I was able to repay them with the arrival of my other two children!

So Zara's fashion catalog for babies from the spring-summer 2018 collection, "My first summer", has simply made me fall in love. I do not know if they have been his careful photographs recreating beautiful daily scenes between parents and siblings, the clothes of the children, or the memories that some of the snapshots evoke from me because of how identified I feel.

I leave you here for you to judge: Don't you think they are wonderful photos?

Via "My first summer", Zara Via "My first summer", Zara Via "My first summer", Zara

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