This is cruel and inhuman: the distressing cry of children separated from their parents at the border by Trump's policy

In April, the Trump administration's immigration policy announced the launch of a zero tolerance measure for those who try to enter the country illegally. When their parents are arrested, if they have arrived accompanied by a child, the children are necessarily separated from them by the border guard between Mexico and the United States and become dependent on Social Services.

The recording that we leave below (we warn you that it is very hard) has been obtained by ProPublica, a non-governmental organization, inside a Border Patrol installation. In it we can hear the distressing cry of children separated from their parents by Trump's policy.

In the audio, recorded last week, we can hear the voices of about ten Central American children between four and ten years old who were separated from their parents on the border by immigration authorities. Among disconsolate cries, they shout "I want to go with my dad", "I don't want to be separated from my mom", and what is most infuriating is the cynicism of a Border Patrol agent who, above the children's cries, jokes: "Well, here we have an orchestra".

At one point you can listen to a six-year-old Salvadoran girl separated from her mother He asks to go with his aunt, at least. You have memorized your phone number and ask to be called.

ProP República dialed the girl's aunt number and spoke with her: "It was the most difficult time of my life," he said. "Imagine receiving a call from your six-year-old niece. She is crying and begs me to go look for her. She said: 'I promise that I will behave, but please get me out of here. I am completely alone."

The saddest thing is that there isn't much the aunt can do for the girl, since she and her nine-year-old daughter seek asylum in the United States after emigrating two years ago following the same route as her sister and her niece.

Caged children

In the last weeks about 2300 children have been forcibly separated of their parents and remain in large cages in detention centers. While their parents are detained awaiting trial, the children are initially in stores, tents or department stores that have become Border Patrol detention centers.

BREAKING: Border Patrol @CBP just gave us this video of the detention facility we toured yesterday in McAllen, Texas. We weren't allowed to bring in cameras, or interview anyone. To be clear: this is government handout video.

- David Begnaud (@DavidBegnaud) June 18, 2018

I don't understand immigration policies, but I can clearly see the lack of humanity by observing images of caged children and hearing the tears torn from children who are forcefully separated from their parents. What world are we in?