Ret-cam, eye photographs of premature children that allow fighting blindness

Medical and scientific research is getting more and more significant achievements that improve the health of premature children and an adequate development, thanks to early detection some problems and diseases that would affect the child in the future can be avoided. In the case of childhood ophthalmology, Spain already has the first device capable of performing ocular angiographies in premature children (special photographs with which the blood circulation of the eyes is analyzed).

Ret-cam It is for the moment the only portable tool with which you can check in which state the arteries and blood vessels that are located in the eyes are. Keep in mind that the first days after birth are crucial, since some eye diseases that end up leading to blindness progress during this stage very quickly and have a device that can determine the existence of ocular complications during this stage can allow the experts prompt action and therefore reducing the possibility of the child ending up suffering blindness. The Ret-cam photograph the retina in a very expanded way with which you can access certain areas of the retina that are hidden and where some of the pathologies that end in blindness sometimes begin. Through the image captured, experts can assess and study the most appropriate strategy to follow to fight against a particular eye disease.

The new device is in the Maternal and Child Hospital of Malaga, its cost has amounted to 142,000 euros, an insignificant amount when it comes to avoiding a health problem in children. At the moment it is the only one that exists in Spain capable of performing ocular angiographies, but we hope that the health services of the different Spanish communities will end up making the same investment in order to improve the health of the little ones.

Video: ROP , Retinopathy of prematurity (January 2020).