Jewelry and children's jewelry with high lead content removed in the United States

Lead is present in all kinds of Chinese objects, now we know a new story published in the Washington Post about the Withdrawal of more than half a million jewelry and children's jewelry products for presenting high levels of lead in its composition. Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets ... all the pieces came from China and were supplied by different companies to large American firms, Big Lots Inc, Family Dollar Stores Inc, Michaels Stores, etc.

It has established an immediate withdrawal of jewelry from large companies to small stores, in total 507,900 pieces that have more than 0.6% of lead above the permitted levels. It has been arranged that all those consumers who return the pieces are paid the amount they paid for them. It is impossible at this point that we can rely on a single product that comes from China, whatever it is, we could almost say that even clothing could be contaminated with some kind of harmful substance, it is not about getting carried away by collective hysteria, but in the case of so many cases of this nature, it will be best to avoid any product from this country, especially if it is intended for children.

The US authorities strongly recommend that consumers be very careful when making purchases with the gifts that will be purchased this Christmas, as they could contain more than a toy or a small jewel, a dangerous poison for children.