Discomfort in pregnancy: swelling and pain in the breasts

The feeling of sore breasts is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy.

It is due to the fact that since the first weeks of gestation, estrogen and progesterone begin to act, causing some changes in the woman's breasts, which are preparing for breastfeeding.

In the second and third trimester pains and / or swelling in the breasts they can persist, as well as an extreme nipple sensation. Some tips will ease the inconvenience.

The first, wear a suitable bra. As the breast size will have increased, we will have to take care in adjust bra size. So that the pain does not get worse, the bra should be adjusted without tightening, it should not be loose or narrow, a comfortable and preferably cotton model, which favors perspiration.

It is likely that throughout pregnancy we will have to change size more than once. For avoid friction, probably the best is a bra without rods and without seams in the nipple area.

Even to sleep wearing a baggy bra can come in handy and of course if we do some exercise the breasts must be well secured to prevent the movements from causing more discomfort.

If we apply a wet cloth with cold water The feeling of swelling will also decrease. There is specific creams for pregnancy that treat hypersensitivity in the nipples, or creams with calendula extract that have an anticongesting effect, although we will always have to follow our doctor's instructions in this regard.

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