Child slavery, closer than we think

As Lola pointed out, today World Day against child labor is celebrated, a type of slavery that has much left to be eradicated and that often touches us more closely than we think.

Because we are not going to believe that child labor is only a thing of the Third World: we have already seen that no country gets rid of this form of slavery and the chilling figures are also counted in Europe.

For example, this social scourge can be seen in France and the United Kingdom, where there are homes with African girls serving as domestic slaves.

Too in Eastern Europe The situation of child exploitation is worrisome according to the report presented by Save The Children.

In Spain, the NGO warns of the risk that increasing immigration will carry with it the practice of so-called "petites bonnes", illiterate girls from Moroccan rural areas who would also be exploited in domestic chores.

You have to have a very hard heart and no scruples to do something similar, but there is the hidden reality of many homes.

Although reading this news I have learned that there is even the NAT's Movement (Working Children and Adolescents), an organization with more than 30 years old formed by children between 12 and 17 years old from many countries, especially Latin Americans, who have to work to help the family economy. They say that the bad thing is not the work itself, but the conditions in which it develops, and they struggle to dignify those conditions.

But I wonder if it would not be the rest of society, adults, rulers, those who had to prevent these children from reaching such a situation. A day to reflect on it.

Video: Modern Slavery is closer than you think: Understanding Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking (January 2020).