Let's take advantage of holidays with children

Children who go to daycare or nursery school now enjoy days off. And it's time to take advantage of vacation time with children, by his side, enjoying mutual company as never before.

It is the time to be more flexible and to give our full attention focused but not focused on obligations, social and family commitments or on reviewing the things that "they" have to learn or achieve. Our children ask us for the best gift they can receive, our attention focused on them.

It is time to dedicate it to the game, free, intense, without rigidities. Game in which the child brings us back to our childhood. To pure fun, to jump on the beds, wake up late, eat churros and chocolate, watch movies sitting on the couch next to you, hug for no reason, take out the toys and not worry if they stay in the middle of the room. Time to walk around the park and get muddy, run and forget the schedules.

And learning, of course, also has its place on vacation, especially if we can also enjoy parents. They will learn by painting with us, walking through the forest or the mountains, playing on the seashore, enjoying reading stories or watching a museum or animal reserve. Hearing us tell family stories, riding the nativity scene and the tree and even enjoying a special meal in the company of people who love them.

Let's forget scolding, rush, schedules and rigidity. Let's take advantage of holidays with children. It is a wonderful time and the best gift in the world for them.