Let's educate without violence

Approximately half of the parents beat their children and consider giving their children a slap or slap is a legitimate and useful way to educate. Normally they were educated in this way, and they tend to think that it is not so serious, that this is not violence and that, without a cake in time you can not channel the bad behavior of their children. But I wonder if there is a deep reflection on the reasons that trigger those thoughts, justifications and often involuntary reactions. This video, simple and direct, takes us to the cause why we hit children and gives us new reasons, reasons why let's educate without violence.

The video, which I found in the Alternative Blog, in which our former and dear companion MMar participates, is part of the “Educate without violence” campaign promoted by the Foundation for children, speaks directly to the heart and explains the reason whereby we continue to act as if children were the only living beings whose hands can be raised without regrets. The reason is that our parents also hit us, despite the love they had for us, surpassed by the environment, chained to the education they received, they also unfair.

A little girl spills a glass of juice. His mother, surely nervous about many other things, loses control, yells and slaps him. So far, something too usual. But the grandmother arrives and feels the pain and injustice suffered by her granddaughter and connects with her own motherhood and her mistakes. She approaches the mother, her own daughter, whom she probably slapped when she was a child, hugs her and says a wonderful, magical, healing word: sorry.

The video that calls for let's educate without violence It was broadcast on all French television networks in April 2011 on the occasion of the International Day against violence in education and its objective is to make us think, reflect, be self-critical and change the model with which we educate our children so that future generations grow without fear of receiving a slap.