My baby sneezes a lot, is he having a cold?

Babies who are being born these days, and for a couple of weeks, arrive (poor little ones) at the time when it is colder and more likely to catch a cold. Given this, many parents wonder if They'll get a cold when they hear their sneezes.

And, as I say, the changes in temperature, the high probability of sheltering them too much and getting them to sweat and the fact of spending a lot of time with other people who could be colds or giving away viruses make the signal of the parents sound Alarm every time they hear your baby sneeze.

It is normal for them to sneeze

I do not say that a baby cannot have a cold, because it is now more likely to be cold than if it had been born in summer. But nevertheless, there is no reason to think he is just because he sneezes. Most babies sneeze several times during the day, even in hot weather, and that does not mean they have a cold.

The airways of babies are still immature, they are also very thin, and it does not take much for them to cover their nose or to get something in and bother them. The sneeze, since they are not able to blow their noses or put their fingers to get what bothers them, is the only tool they have to take out something that should never have entered.

But it is hard for him to breathe through his nose

It is normal, or it can be, if something has entered the nose or has a dry mucus. The babies they breathe through the noseThey are not able to breathe through their mouths, and that is why they breathe badly when they have a blocked nose.

If it is not very abundant mucus, it is advisable to wet the area with physiological serum a bit. If the mucus is more abundant, then we could say yes, that it is catching a cold and then physiological serum should also be used, but perhaps more times.

The vacuum cleaner is not highly recommended, as we said a few days ago, the serum syringe is effective, but I personally am not very friendly because the serum and mucus can end up in the ear equally. Let's say I'm more of the "droplet to droplet", warming the serum a little with the hand before throwing them and then dropping dropwise through the nostrils so that the snot gets wet and more fluids become.

Then one of three, either they eat the serum and the snot, or they sneeze and everything goes out, or just end up getting mucus and serum through the nose. It is slower, but the child is less bothered than the syringe and the aspirator.

It seems he only has snot at times

Babies, because they are very sensitive to temperature changes, the same thing can happen to adults when we wake up in the morning. We get out of the warm bed, get up and the temperature change makes us start to run wet and sneeze. Well, it also happens to them, but more times, since we are entering hot places, going outside, cooler, entering the house, going to the bathroom, where it is sometimes colder, etc. Come on with temperature changes they can have mucus only at times, and in that case we will not talk about a cold. The treatment, if it is difficult for you to breathe a little, is your own sneeze and, if it does not work, a little serum to help you.

Video: Why newborn frequently sneezes after birth? - Dr. Suresh Gowda (January 2020).