The serum of super powers for children with cancer

The Brazilian agency JWT has turned the tedious chemotherapy sessions of children with cancer from A.C. Camargo in a session of super powers. And although the wrapper, the stickers, the comics and the videos are the elements on which the action is supported, the truth is that the faces of the children are different when seeing those images instead of the cold containers of the medicines of the chemotherapy. The boxes contain the Super formula and also include the superhero symbols of the Justice League in which they are Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and the Wonder Woman.

The agency's work is sensational and all the cartoonists and animators have collaborated intensely to make the story credible and especially exciting. Below you can see the video full of excitement and with the total collaboration of the medical team very aware that children can get ahead. As we have mentioned in Peques y Más, it is not the only initiative to make hospitals a cold space, with boring decoration and a bit intimidating for kids. For example we have seen Superheroes that clean windows, Superheroes that visit the little ones and even hospitals that look like castles. In Spain we also have heroes who believe that magic exists and miracles too.

The Brazilian agency JWT has collaborated with the Hospital A.C. Camargo Y Warner Bros. to create an idea that allows children to dream and believe that healing is possible. So if the super formula can save the superheroes, how can it not save these children too?

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